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Dalkem Speciality Chemicals

Dalkem is a new and innovative Company with over 30 years of experience in the leather chemicals branch, either in the Italian and International market. Dalkem is a manufacturing company of chemical specialties for the complete leather treatment, from beamhouse to finishing.

DALKEM was born by the dream of skilled professionals sharing their love for leather treatment and their working values. The company is completely dedicated to the creation of high technology chemicals for the tanning industry, bringing substantial advantage to customers and end users. Our mission is to be a supporting technological partner, able to provide complete consultancy for top-quality articles with high added value. This is made possible only when professional skills and total dedication to technical assistance are merged together for the research of new ideas in the production of fashionable articles.

The continuous research of the best technical solutions for production innovation with great concern for the environment, leaded DALKEM towards the development of specialties that create advantage and distinction to customers. DALKEM thus provides not only chemical specialties but rather solutions, ideas, technology keys with the purpose of either solving every day production problems and creating of fashionable articles with high Italian “brand”.

Our production plants and warehouse are up-to-date with technological novelties thus conferring us great flexibility and production speed. Our technicians are highly specialized and they can offer skilled consultancy either in the production and application steps; they will support you as consultants.

Leather is the Master, for Dalkem.
Experience and competence can be earned only through everyday work along the years, this is what makes DALKEM figuring out all secrets of leathers processing and understanding customers’ needs.

Our working philosofy

DALKEM wants to be beside its customers with the purpose of giving them a leading role in such a difficult branch like the leather market is. Chemical specialties and technical assistance are the main features to produce quality leathers.

We add Italian creativity and passion, which are absolutely essential to create fashionable leathers. Being side by side with customers means for Dalkem carrying the honour and the responsibility of solving troubles and offering complete professional service.

dalkem leather chemicals milano

DALKEM is thus manufacturing either solutions and specialty chemicals for the complete leather processing, to create high quality and fashionable leathers. Our technical assistance and affinity is our way to thank you for choosing Dalkem.