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Production plants and warehouses

Dalkem Srl Factory Manufacturing Plant
Dalkem Srl Factory Manufacturing Plant
Dalkem Srl Factory Manufacturing Plant
Dalkem Srl Factory Manufacturing Plant

Dalkem is totally oriented to the production of chemicals for leather industry with high quality and technology novelties. Everything is dedicated to bring advantage to our customers and obtain top quality leathers with excellent added value. Fundamentals of our quality is the accurate selection of raw materials together with technologically up-to-date production procedures.

Dalkem has three main areas of relevant interest:
- Raw materials warehouse
- Production plants
- Finished product warehouse

Raw materials warehouse

Raw materials warehouse

This area is very important in order to obtain high quality products.
Only from pure and carefully selected raw materials we can produce our range of high quality Leather chemicals.
Raw materials are selected with knowledge and experience by skilled experts with important professional history coming from Italian and International companies, now working in Dalkem since long time.
Our raw material warehouse is thus the core of our production system and permits us to keep a high quality production standard for our customers.
The huge stocking level of raw materials allows us to ensure either high quality and on-schedule delivery standard and avoid price variations.

Production plants

The chemical process of transforming previously selected raw materials takes place in technologically up-to-date and highly computerized reactors.
Our specific productive cycle is supervised in every phase and managed by professionals and highly specialized workers, thus to obtain the highest quality standards in the shortest time.

Finished products warehouse

Finished products warehouse

DALKEM production policy is to deliver products to customer with high quality standard and long shelf life, but nowadays everything moves very fast so, in order to offer a quick and complete service we have set a wide and computerized warehouse.
Finished products stock level is managed by a sophisticate computer systems to alert our warehouse manager for the re-stocking of all products, in order to fulfil customers’ needs of immediate shipments and "last-minute" requests.
We can thus ensure a quick and effective support to our sales and technical service, for the complete satisfaction of our valuable customers.