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Dalkem Srl Milano
Our company
Dalkem is a new and innovative Company with over 30 years of experience in the leather chemicals branch, either in the Italian and International market. Dalkem is a manufacturing company of chemical specialties for the leather treatment.
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Our Chemicals Range
Through our decades of experience we have been able to create and produce a wide and complete range of chemical products that cover the entire production cycle of the leather: the world we love, we work and that allows us to improve every day.
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Our Production Plants
Dalkem is totally oriented to the production of chemicals for leather industry with high quality and technology novelties. Everything is dedicated to bring advantage to our customers and obtain top quality leathers with excellent added value.
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Technical Service
Our ideals, values and aspirations we impose a total dedication to the demands and needs of the end user of our products.

Our "Vision" is simple and direct: to Dalkem produces technology!
Fashion Trends
- Eco leather free metal
- Shrunken nappa light and soft
- White and pastel vacchetta
- Milled shrinkle deer type
- Natural wash-off
- Maculated effect
- Double face with rubber feeling
- Crocodile embo
- Patent soft and bright color
- Textile printing effect
- Small embossing
- Bbg type
- Laminate and metallic effect
- Suede
- Plotter effect- strong colors
- Laminated brush off type
- Full chrome old french style tanning items
Ricerca & Sviluppo
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The large chemical know-how and technological experience gained in the tanning industry field for over thirty years working allow our researchers to develop and create new solutions and ideas and integrate them into our chemicals.
Dalkem nel mondo
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Our company through its consultants and engineers working for over thirty years, both on the Italian territory and in major international leather markets.
- Italy
- Export markets
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